Meet Our Caring Team

Marian Ancuta

Marian Ancuta MRCVS

Marian joined us at the start of 2020
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Marian Ancuta

Mina Pantazoni MRCVS

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Marian Ancuta

Alex Balint-Babos MRCVS

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cat of sarah holesworth

Sarah Holesworth RVN

Sarah is a qualified veterinary nurse and has been with the practice for over 10 years now. By her own admission her tea making skills still need working on but otherwise Sarah looks after patients whilst in the practice, monitoring anaesthetics and helping us to set up our new nurse clinics.

Sarah has a keen interest in aviation and its history. Sarah has been owned by her moggy cat Jasper for the last 15 years.

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Becky Short

Becky is a Veterinary Nurse Assistant here at Black Sheep.
Becky has been a familiar face here for 19 years (I know, she definitely doesn’t look old enough)
When she’s not busy running around after her husband, 3 children and 2 dogs then she’s mucking out and traipsing Maisie and Fidget around the country to different events.

becky short
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Karla and dog

Karla Brown

Karla is Practice Manager.
Many of you will have seen Karla progress from a Saturday girl, starting in 2002, to where she is now (I know, again, she doesn’t look old enough)

Karla enjoys exploring with her cheeky pug x shih tzu and her tree-climbing dirty rascal of a human boy.

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Amanda Hansley

Amanda’s role in our team is as receptionist and so her smiling face will often be the first face you see upon entering Black Sheep Vets. Amanda enjoys helping our clients deal with both the happy and the sad aspects of pet ownership.

Amanda has a rescue dog Charlie born in 2013. Amanda was Charlie’s fourth home but at last he seems to have found his home for life !! Charlie enjoys good walks and training.

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Samantha Cass RVN

My name is Sam, I am an RVN with 15 years experience. I have spent most of my career working in Veterinary Charity practice, with a short time spent working as a locum in several different types of veterinary practice.

I particularly enjoy Nurse consultations, student nurse training and in patient care.

I have two cats Angel and Fergal.
I rescued Fergal as a kitten from the animal charity I worked for at the time, he is now 8. Angel came home with me from my locum adventures, after having her leg amputated, she is now 18 years young. She loves sunbathing, sitting on laps and sticking her tongue out!

Fergal enjoys getting into trouble, eating and snuggling with his humans!

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Maisy and odie asking for there doggie dinner, who could say no to those puppy eyes!

Chloe Chafer

Hello my name is Chloe, I started working with Black Sheep Vets when I finished studying for my VNA qualification in 2016.

I have two dogs of my own both rescue dogs, my first rescue dog is called Maisy she is a crossbreed and loves long walks in the fields, especially when the grass is long in the summer, she is very smart and loves to play with her puzzle ball and many other toys.

My second rescue dog is called Odie. He’s much older then Maisy so he isn’t as active, but he loves getting snuggled on the sofa and exploring around the garden, he does love going for walks as part of the pack but would rather I’d carry him back home.  I enjoy working here because I love all animals and love caring for them.

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Marian Ancuta

Kate Elshaw RVN