Meet Our Caring Team

Practice Manager


Karla Brown

Karla is our amazing Practice Manager and is responsible for the day to day running of our practice behind the scenes. However will turn her hand to anything including DIY!
She is always there to listen and ensures we are all ok throughout the day.

Outside of work Karla loves nothing more than spending time with her family especially the little man in her life.

So thank you, you are the mother and superwoman of the practice

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Our Vets

jess dann

Jess Dann MRCVS

Clinical Director Jess is a Veterinary Surgeon who moved and joined us here in Lincolnshire in 2022.

She promises to work with our amazing team to help them develop in all areas, so we can provide first class care to all our clients and their pets.

Her main interests within the veterinary field are in small animal surgery and dentistry.

Whilst outside of work Jess loves nothing more than walking her doggy, baking and motorbikes –

So thank you – you are amazing.

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Lindsey Burgess MRCVS

Lindsey joined us in September 2022 and has fitted in like a glove.
So let’s tell you a little about Lindsey who has already and continues to live a very exciting life!
Lindsey is Zimbabwean and studied in South Africa. She has worked in rural settings with emergency and PAHC from dogs and cats to hyena and lions also in equine.

Within the veterinary field Lindsey has a special interest in dentistry (small animal and exotics).
Lindsey is married to Devon (one of the emergency night vets) they have written a book series together which is being published this year!
Outside of work Lindsey has 3 dogs, loves the outdoors, hiking and adventure sports.
Keep smiling you are a true gem and we are lucky to have you and your wonderful energy.

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Devon Seaton MRCVS

Devon Seaton MRCVS

Sewn under the African sun, I grew up in South Africa where I studied at Onderstepoort beneath the guidance of lions and lecturers alike. Although exciting, I was destined for the UK where the rainy weather called my name.

Having worked in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Scotland and now England, I feel that I have found my home here in Louth. When I am not working at the best job ever, I can be found walking with my savage hounds, writing fantasy novels, playing musical instruments or upon the nearest enactment field with some burly folk clad in armour swinging axes at my head.
I joined the ELEV and Blacksheep vets team in September of 2022 with my wonderful wife, Lindsey.
These are clinics dedicated to serving the community and striving for excellence in veterinary medical care, as such, there were high expectations for me when joining. With their strong emphasis on teamwork and patient care, they’ve guided me to becoming the vet I am today and now, together, we strive for the gold standard of veterinary care whilst maintaining the Louth spirit and values in everything we do.

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Our Vet Nurses

Harriet Smith RVN

Harriet is another one of our amazing nursing team and always greets everyone with her dazzling smile.

Within the veterinary field Harriet loves Anaesthesia, Schedule 3, Surgery and Geriatrics, she is a fountain of knowledge.

Outside of work Harriet enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family, walking with her gorgeous doggies, horse riding, looking after all her pets, helping out with the turkeys and generally just enjoying life.

Keep smiling Harriet as you’re beautiful inside and out and a credit to our team.

harriet smith
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Natalie Harrison RVN

Natalie joined us in 2022 and she jumped in with both feet and loves nothing more than nursing consults, inpatient care and generally following a case through seeing their progress and supporting their owners.

Outside of work you will find Natalie on her family run farm, with her husband, children and ever growing list of animals or socialising with her friends.

sarah radley
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Hannah Pocklington RVN

One of our newest members, Hannah joined our amazing nursing team in 2022.

Her interests within the veterinary field are Surgical Nursing, Radiography and Wound Care.

Outside of work Hannah loves spending time with her family, walking the dogs with Ralph the cat who likes to join them; and baking.

You have fitted in so well keep up the great work and smiling like you always do.

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Becky Short

Known to many as Becky, she has been part of the Black Sheep family for many years and this shows as she is so kind and knowledgeable within the veterinary field and loves all aspects especially Surgical. She is currently studying to become an RVN and works hard everyday to fulfil this.

Outside of work Becky loves nothing more than spending time with her family and doggies.

Always smiling and super friendly you are a star of this practice so keep up the great work Becky – we love you to bits.

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Ella Wrisdale

Ella embarked on her journey as a Student Veterinary Nurse in 2022.

She is extremely hard working and no job is too small a true gem of the practice and nursing team.

Outside of work Ella enjoys time with her family and friends, walking her dogs and playing with their newest member the cat.

Keep up the great work Ella.

Blacksheep Vets
black sheep vets

Animal Care Assistants

Blacksheep Vets

Jess Drewery

Jess moved roles and stepped in to join the Veterinary Nursing Team as a Animal Care Assistant (ACA) in 2022. She always carries out her day with a smile.

Outside of work Jess’s true love is her family. She has a keen interest in horses and has just added to her family with a furry baby and a very photogenic cat.
Jess you are beautiful inside and out and we are lucky to have you.

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Blacksheep Vets

Michelle – Animal Care Assistant

Michelle aka Shelley has joined us and totally changed her career path, now working as an ACA (Animal Care Assistant). Has hit the ground running and it’s like she’s always been here.

Outside of work Shelley loves socialising and in her words eating chocolate. She is a busy mum, including to her bunny rabbit pictured here.

So we welcome you to our ever expanding team keep up the great work.

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Blacksheep Vets

Amy – Animal Care Assistant

Amy has jumped in with both feet as an ACA
(Animal Care Assistant). She joins us everyday with a welcoming smile and is super organised throughout the week.

Amy enjoys cooking, walking her dog, reading, when time, as is also a busy mum to 2 children and has 2 Guinea pigs who are pictured here.

So welcome to our ever expanding team keep up the great work.

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Reception/Administration Team


Jo Roberts Clinical Care Manager

Here is Jo our Client Care Manager feels like she has always been a member of our team and makes us smile everyday.
Jo in her spare time loves a little gardening , reading, lovely country walks and socialising.

So welcome Jo to our team, thank you for making us laugh and for doing an amazing job.

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Vicky Treanor

Vicky has been with us since 2021 and welcomes all our clients with a friendly smile and always ensures everyone in the front of house is being looked after. She is a well loved member of our team.

Ouside of work, Vicky loves walking and spending time with her family and friends. Her other true love is her feline friends who bring her so much happiness
So thank you Vicky for all your hard work and just keep being you!

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Steve Goodear

Steve Goodear –
Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

Steven is a very successful veterinary surgeon and businessman. He has been a vet for over 20 years and is now the proprietor of Black Sheep Vets.

In 2021, Steven established East Lincs Emergency Vets which is based within Black Sheep Vets in Louth. Steven’s ethos is to provide the highest standard of medical and surgical care for pets and owners in Lincolnshire around the clock.

Steven is married with a young family, which also includes horses, dogs and cats. His interests include completing his house renovations, along with attending veterinary conferences to continue his learning and development (ideally somewhere hot and sunny).

He is particularly interested in training and looking after his veterinary team, loves all things animal and is extremely caring.
Steven is always looking for a new project, so watch this space.