Our Services

Here at Black Sheep Vets, in addition to the normal consultations for examining your sick pets, we offer the following additional services:


Consultations with our nurses to discuss behavioural or dietary problems


Home visit service – We offer a routine vet examination or vaccination service through our “Little Sheep home visit service”, where we will travel to your home to make it easier for you, and more comforting for your pet to be examined or have annual vaccinations or checks for medication. The Little Sheep home visit service takes place once a fortnight – please telephone us to make a booking.



Euthanasia – We realise that this will probably be one of the hardest and saddest decisions you ever make about your pet. You can contact one of our team to discuss both when the right time is, as well as how and where you would like this to be done.

This can take place:

*In one of our quiet consultation rooms

*At your home

*Outside in our practice garden at Eastfield House

*In your car (particularly for pets that can’t or don’t want to be moved)


Clipping nails


Expressing anal sacs – this is performed by our nursing, where we can also discuss other ways to try and resolve ongoing anal sac problems


Pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound examination


On site emergency care 24 hours a day – We have a team of expert vets, nurses and animal care assistants who provide emergency care for all of the pets in the area. This means that if you have an emergency in the middle of the night, or Christmas Day – you can call us, and if your pet needs to be hospitalised for overnight care after surgery, our team is here for them… all night.


Orthopaedic services – if you pet has any orthopaedic problems, including broken bones, or damaged cruciate ligaments, we have an orthopaedic surgeon who comes to Black Sheep Vets.

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