Kennel Cough:

A fairly mild strain of Kennel Cough is doing the rounds mostly affecting unvaccinated dogs visiting day care type centres. Highly contagious, the classic 'whooping' cough starts 4-6 days after contact with an infected dog. Uncomplicated disease does not need treating with antibiotics and some will settle with a bit of cough mixture (DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT WITH XYLITOL) but if your dog becomes nauseous, not eating, lethargic or with any breathing difficulties, they should be seen.

Lily poisoning

All lilies and members of the lily family including day lilies are extremely poisonous to cats. Fatal poisonings have been known in cats that have only brushed against the pollen in the flowers so if you have cats, please don't buy lilies.

The FABCATS have a 'Keep Cats Safe' campaign to try get plant growers and nurseries to label the poisonous plants.